Baylor students party hard in Cayman Islands, win at life

It’s official, folks. Baylor University students have taken over the “Who Knows How to Party” department.

Students from the school recently let loose in the Cayman Islands, and everything from dogs on surfboards to hanging on a boat to hiking happened. And now I wish I was still in college, let alone had the money to do all of these activities!

Some college kids have all the luck, it seems. When I was in school, vacation was either just going home or maybe driving three hours’ north to either the Canadian border or the nearest ski mountain. To go to the Caribbean and party like it was MTV Spring Break was something only the rich kids did, or people whose significant others’ parents were well off.

Just where these Baylor students fall in that range is a mystery, but one thing is certain. They had a hell of a good time!

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