Ohio State to require rich donation for parking next year

The Univeristy of Ohio State is doing everything they can to capitalize on their popularity. So much so that Buckeye fans will have to start dishing out some major cashola.

Laura A. Bischoff of the Columbus Bureau, reported last week that the school will start enforcing those holders of football season parking passes must provide a large donation to receive the pass.

Permit holders must contribute to the President’s Club by the end of this year or the Buckeye club by Feb. 1, 2016, if they want to keep their spot.

The donations will range between $3000-$5000 depending on the lot. They will also pay a $375 annual fee on top of it.

Jordan Birkemeier, director of the Buckeye Club for Ohio State Athletics, said the donation requirements have been in place for a decade or more but recent audits of the 3,800 parking accounts found that about 20 percent of the permit holders have not been making the contributions.

Some fans weren’t to happy about the new rule and thought it was a little much.

Joe Redman of suburban Columbus, a season ticket holder since 1980, said the required donation is too steep.

“The whole thing with the university is a bit much. When you say it out loud — $5,000 for a parking pass for seven games — that just seems ridiculous to me,” Redman said.

$3000 for a parking pass is absurd. Even if I had the money I wouldn’t pay for something like that. However, Buckeye loyalist will surely dish out year after year to be as close to The Shoe as possible.

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