This Slip’N’Slide fail will make your back hurt just watching it

Videos of Slip’N’Slide fails are nothing new. They have probably been around since YouTube came to fruition back in 2005. (I actually tried to search for when the very first one might have been posted, but there were so many to go through that I resorted to estimating that it is a practice that is at least 10 years old.)

It’s hard to find new ways to wipe out. Somehow this video, which BroBible brought to our attention, seems to recreate the “ouch” factor.

Seriously. I’m in pain watching the slow-mo at the end of this video.

After a couple pals line up at the end of the slide like bowling pins, a friend catapults towards them and sends one unfortunate fellow bending into the air like a pretzel.

You might have noticed that the name of the video is “Super Fun Happy Slip’n’Slide FACEPLANT.” Perhaps we are too busy still gasping from watching this poor guy get bent in half to see the “happy” or “fun” part of this ordeal.

On the bright side: If this guy’s spine ever heals, I’m sure Cirque du Soleil would love to add him to one of their traveling shows as a contortionist.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

Surprise ninja kick catapults guy into beer pong table
Surprise ninja kick catapults guy into beer pong table