ESPN tweets shot of “Netflix and Chill” sign

It might be the “The Worldwide Leader In Sports” but ESPN doesn’t appear to be leading anyone in being up-to-date on their pop culture slang.

College GameDay’s Twitter went through its lovely Saturday morning adage of posting pictures of pre-game crowds and students with their crazy smack-talking signs. Most of the signs are silly, and the GameDay tweets that correspond are usually just as corny. Nothing violent or explicit, just good wholesome fun.

But the response to the sign in this Michigan State crowd shot, College Spun points out, kind of insinuated that ESPN doesn’t know what they were posting a picture of.

We’re willing to bet that if ESPN knew that “Netflix and chill” was slang for hanky-panky that they probably wouldn’t have tweeted that out. Or maybe they know exactly what it means and are trying to be hip. (Although that’s probably not very likely.)

FSU entered field with US flag flown in Afghanistan
FSU entered field with US flag flown in Afghanistan