Video: Jim Harbaugh loses his mind at referee after penalty

The Michigan Wolverines are playing in their first home game of the season and it is somewhat of a homecoming for head coach Jim Harbaugh. He agreed to a big deal with the Wolverines this past offseason after parting ways with the San Francisco 49ers.

One of the most well-known aspects of Harbaugh’s coaching style is the anger that he can show at times when he disagrees with calls. It made him fun to watch during his days with the 49ers. Michigan fans didn’t have to wait too long to see Harbaugh get fired up at home and he absolutely lost it at the referees after they called a personal foul penalty that he didn’t agree with.

Harbaugh is just getting started at Michigan from an attitude perspective. He is the type of coach that can pump his players up with this type of show and the Wolverines are going to love having a coach as passionate about the game as Harbaugh is.

Check out Harbaugh losing his mind on the sidelines at an unlucky referee:

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