Video: Notre Dame QB Malik Zaire suffers ugly leg injury

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish were finally beginning to play well this afternoon against the Virginia Cavaliers, but a gruesome looking injury to star quarterback Malik Zaire has shocked the program and fan base. Zaire was scrambling up the field when he got tackled and his leg seemed to fold under the tackle.

Take a look at the injury to see exactly what happened:

Obviously this could be a crushing blow to Notre Dame’s chances in 2015. Zaire was an absolute star for the program last week, but was off to a slow start this week. He is still one of the best quarterbacks in all of college football and losing him would be devastating.

It’s hard to take a guess at what the injury could be, but the way his leg folded didn’t look good at all. Hopefully it isn’t as bad as it appears it could be, but at this point in time Notre Dame should be expecting the worst.

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