Dallas Cowboys are unsurprisingly the NFL’s most valuable franchise at $4 billion

With week one of the NFL in the books – with exception of the double-header tonight – a fan sits backs in retrospect in a single week plagued with benching, injuries and upsets, including the overtime win by the St. Louis Rams over Seattle.

But the gist of today’s lesson are the moneymakers of the NFL with a surprising third-place occupant in the Washington Redskins at $2.85 billion, who designated Robert Griffin III as a third stringer after Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy.

Here is a look at the top teams on the list.

1. Dallas Cowboys – $4 billion

2. New England Patriots – $3.2 billion

3. Washington Redskins – $2.85 billion

4. New York Giants – $2.8 billion

5. San Francisco 49ers – $2.7 billion

San Francisco went through adversity this off-season, losing key ingredients in their defense; including Patrick Willis to retirement and Aldon Smith to the Raiders.

6. New York Jets – $2.6 billion

7. Houston Texans – $2.5 billion

8. Chicago Bears – $2.45 billion

9. Philadelphia Eagles – $2.4 billion

10. Green Bay Packers – $1.95 billion

Although a pivotal loss at wide receiver, Jordy Nelson suffered a season-ending injury before things got underway, but with James Jones back in town, Packers fans were delighted to have him back against Chicago.

11. Denver Broncos – $1.94 billion

12. Baltimore Ravens – $1.93 billion

13. Pittsburgh Steelers – $1.9 billion

14. Indianapolis Colts – $1.88 billion

15. Seattle Seahawks – $1.87 billion

16. Miami Dolphins – $1.85 billion

17. Atlanta Falcons – $1.67 billion

18. Minnesota Vikings – $1.59 billion

19. Carolina Panthers – $1.56 billion

The Carolina Panthers witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly yesterday against the Jaguars. The good of it is Josh Norman’s touchdown on defense catapulted the Panthers to a win. The bad side is some Panthers fans were caught lounging back in their seats and dowsing off to a sleeper of a game. And the ugly comes from losing Luke Kuehly with a head injury after a collision with T.J. Yeldon.

20. Arizona Cardinals – $1.54 billion

t21. Kansas City Chiefs – $1.53 billion

t21. San Diego Chargers – $1.53 billion

23. New Orleans Saints – $1.52 billion

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – $1.51 billion

25. Cleveland Browns – $1.5 billion

Browns fans experienced a sigh of relief, but only for a few downs. With Josh McGown sidelined, Manziel stepped in, threw for a touchdown and suddenly everyone was optimistic.

However, things took a turn for the wary as the Jets pulled away to win, 31-10.

26. Tennessee Titans – $1.49 billion

27. Jacksonville Jaguars – $1.48 billion

T28. St. Louis Rams – $1.45 billion

T28. Cincinnati Bengals – $1.45 billion

30. Detroit Lions – $1.44 billion

31. Oakland Raiders – $1.43 billion

32. Buffalo Bills – $1.4 billion

After Buffalo stun gunned Indianapolis Colts fans, 27-14, some analysts and regular Joe fans are already predicting a post-season run for Buffalo. But they’ll have to make like Fatburger and beef up their offensive recipe for the Patriots next Sunday.

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Browns planning for Week 2 with Johnny Manziel as starter