Eagles fan gets Super Bowl neck tattoo, epically fails

Preemptive championship tattoos can be ballsy, but sometimes pay off. NBA veteran Jason Terry got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy before the 2010-11 season, and his Dallas Mavericks ultimately went on to win a title that very year.

In the case of one Eagles fan, however, his championship tattoo is just, well, WRONG.

First off, most neck tattoos are a terrible idea, and this is no exception. Unless you’re a tattoo artist yourself or in prison, just don’t get one.

Second, bad decisions like this one are exactly why people rip on Philadelphia fans. Sure, the team is spunky and has a fighting spirit, but do we really want to be supportive of people who go ahead and get body art like this done willingly?? Come on now.

Good luck with this thing on your neck staring everyone in the face for the rest of your life, bro. You’re going to need that luck more than Sam Bradford’s knees, and that’s saying something.

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