History made as busboy completes Mt. Madoriyama on ‘American Ninja Warrior’

For years, Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior has been one of the most popular shows on television. What started as small show of athletic ability mixed with comedic value on the now-defunct G4 channel has grown into an absolute phenomenon.

On Monday night’s American Ninja Warrior Vegas Finals episode, history was made. The final course of the show is called Mt. Madoriyama and is broken up into four stages.

Unlike the qualifiers, the first three stages of the final course is untimed. If you complete it, you move on. Until last night, nobody had ever gotten past Stage 3 in the first seven seasons of the show. That is when history was made when not one, but two people made it past Stage 3 and onto Stage 4, where they raced for the $1 million dollar prize.

The first man to reach Stage 4 was Isaac Caldiero, a busboy and mountain climber. All he had to do on Stage 4 was complete a rope climb to the top of the “mountain” and he would win the money. That is until Geoff Britten completed Stage 3 right after him. USA TODAY’s For the Win had the video. 

Britten went on to complete the rope climb in Stage 4 with less than a second left on the clock. He seemed to be sitting pretty as he just had to hope Caldiero wouldn’t finish the rope climb. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

You can watch Caldiero’s complete run through all four stages, but his final climb begins around the six-minute mark.

It’s pretty ironic that mountain climbing was just a hobby for Caldiero before this. Now, it has made him a legend.

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