Oscar Mayer launches dating app for bacon lovers

Online dating can be tough, and incredibly awkward at times. Though someone may look good in their picture and seem decent enough on paper, everything changes in person.

They could be a Satanist. Or have 20 pet birds. Or, worst of all, be a vegetarian!

The folks at Oscar Mayer have decided to put an end to all that in launching Sizzl, a dating app targeted towards bacon lovers.


Next question: why did an app like this take so long?? Bacon is probably the best thing ever, be it by itself, mixed in an omelette, on pizza or on a sandwich. There are stores devoted to it, and why wouldn’t there be?

Now, singles can bond over their love of the delicious smoked and succulent meat that only crazy people don’t like. And we all have Oscar Mayer to thank for it!

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