John Cena wins back U.S. Championship from Seth Rollins

In what can easily be considered WWE’s Match of the Year, John Cena defeated Seth Rollins to win back the United States Championship.

The two began by stalking each other in the ring, with Rollins in his White Ranger gear as the divided crowd cheered on. Cena then nailed Rollins with punches before knocking him to the ground for an early pin attempt. Rollins then mounted offense of his own, and Cena kicked out of a pinfall attempt.

Cena got up and hit Rollins with a nasty right hook, but then Rollins locked in a modified sleeper hold and kept going on the offensive. He tried taking Cena to the ropes, but was elbowed off before climbing up top and executing a double foot-stomp. He tried to pin Cena, but to no avail. The 15-time champ kicked out before rallying for a short while and then going down again.

Rollins then upped his heel heat by trying to do a Five-Knuckle Shuffle, but Cena stopped him before getting up and nailing a sidewalk slam. Cena then tried to do the move, but was kicked in the head by Rollins and slammed to the ground again. Rollins then attempted the Pedigree, only to be sidewalk slammed again. An attempt on Five-Knuckle Shuffle happened again, Rollins stopped it, and then a crazy reversal had Rollins nearly pinned.

Rollins went to the top rope and appeared ready to powerbomb Cena, but then Cena landed a Hurricanrana at the last minute as the fans roared. Both then got up and traded punches, with Rollins landing a kick to the stomach before Cena lifted him for the AA, only for Rollins to escape and kick Cena in the face. Another pinfall attempt failed.

Cena rolled out of the ring, and Rollins upped the action by landing a somersault over the ropes. Both men got back in the ring and Rollins paid homage to Eddie Guerrero by attempting a splash off the top rope, but Cena rolled out of the way.

Cena then went to the ropes, and nailed Rollins with an epic tornado DDT before going to the top rope again. Rollins shimmied up and landed not one but TWO superplexes, but Cena kicked out of yet another pinfall attempt as Rollins rolled away exhausted.

The champ got up and waited for Cena to get up, only to have his leg swept and be locked in the STF. He escaped and then an AA attempt, and the action continued.

The two traded punches before Rollins attempted another Pedigree, and Cena escaped before landing another shoulder tackle, but Rollins then upped his heat even more. He tried to AA Cena, but Cena escaped again and planted Rollins before going to the top rope. And the rest is history.

After landing a flying Bulldog, Cena landed the AA and pinned Rollins to win back the United States Championship, avenging Jon Stewart’s interference at Summerslam.

But get this. Rollins tried to leave the arena with Cena, but the newly crowned U.S. Champ AA’d him to ensure that he stuck around for his match with Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Whether or not this rematch happens remains to be seen, but now is time for the match we have all been waiting for.

Stay tuned!

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