There is a GoFundMe to break up Russell Wilson and Ciara

It looks like the 12s have spoken–Ciara is wearing out her welcome in Seahawks territory.

According to FTW, fans have started a GoFundMe to give to Ciara to jolt her career. The objective? For her to be to busy to continue being in a relationship with Russell Wilson.

Perhaps putting the whole blame of the Seahawks’ early season woes on the singer is a bit heavy-handed. However, it sounds like Seattle fans believe that if a break-up worked for Ciara’s baby daddy’s career, that it would also help get the Seahawks’ season back on track.

The 12’s also don’t seem to like when their quarterback is in a relationship at all.

Per, the GoFundMe reads:

 Us Seahawks fans would love to see our team winning again.

After seeing how great Future Hendrix career has been since Ciara broke up with him. We think the same thing can happen to Russell Wilson again!!

After his wife cheated on him he won his first Super Bowl. We’re certain his next big breakup will encourage a rebound of epic proportions.

So to do this we’re gonna get Ciara’s career back on track so she has no time to be in a relationship. Donate to save our Seahawks!!

Go 12’s!!!


First Ciara is to blame for what the team DJ can’t play at practices, and now she’s the “reason” the Seahawks are 0-2.


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*Featured Photo (above) credit tothe Associated Press

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