NFLPA launches new media company ‘compelling sports-lifestyle content focused on athletes’

It’s easy to talk about why our favorite football players are our favorite football players.

Athletic talent, memorable plays and impressive stats are all very much part of the dialogue and reasons why we love some players more than others. But still, yards thrown and touchdowns scored are just part of what makes an athlete and athlete. As it turns out, many of our favorite players are as extraordinary on the field as they are off of it, and as it turns out, the NFL Players Association agrees.

Earlier today the NFLPA announced the creation of a new media company, Athlete Content & Entertainment (Ace Media) that will aim at producing “compelling sports-lifestyle content focused on athletes.”

The aim of ACE Media will be to share with fans the backstories, passions and perspectives of football players beyond their athletic abilities. Content will work at sharing stories that no one else has bothered to tell, and allow fans to see sides of their favorite players that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. In a variety of media, players will be able to speak directly to audiences and make a more personal connection with fans than ever before.

“ACE Media Will aim to unlock those stories for diehard and casual fans alike and will reach new audiences as well by casting athletes in a light that allows their off-the-field attributes to amplify and complement their on-field accomplishments,” Ahmad Nassar, member of ACE Media’s Board of Directors and President of NFL Players Inc., told Forbes.

And apparently, NFL players are thrilled about the opportunity to share personal stories about themselves and life off the field.

Many players feel that the new media company will allow themselves to share with fans a more authentic and multidimensional side of them that may not have been obvious to fans before. With ACE Media, the real lives of athletes will become more transparent, and perhaps, relatable to sports fans because stories will be told to audiences in a very personal voice.

In order to reach new audiences, ACE Media has teamed up with partners that include BET Networks, Bleacher Report and 120 Sports and partnerships have also been forged with Nike, producers such as Tongal and Academy Award-winning producers Ed Cunningham and Seth Gordon.

Not only are partnerships being established for this new venture, but also, content is already in production for the new company, including a multi-episode series for Bleacher Reports, first-person interviews for The Players’ Tribune and 120 Sports and several episodes of #BLX for BET’s web series.

But wait. Is football not your sport of choice?

Don’t worry, you guys. The hope is that success with this venture will make way for coverage of athletes who play other sports, such as baseball, hockey, soccer and basketball, and that soon enough, you can obsesses over your favorite player not only because of his stellar performance on game day but also because he likes to watch The Big Lebowski with a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream as much as you do.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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