Toledo tailgater loses shoe after partying too hard

We all love tailgating. The getting up early, the day drinking, the food that we love to eat but probably shouldn’t, the list goes on as to why it’s probably the most fun activity anyone can be a part of during college football season.

But, of course, there is indeed a limit to how much one can tailgate before the game, and one Toledo fan in particular learned the hard way just what happens when you party a bit too hard and don’t conserve your energy for kickoff.

As can be seen at the end of the video below, one unlucky young lady tried to do some spider jumps between two cars, only to fall on her butt and lose a shoe in the process.

Yes, it’s hilarious. Yes, we’ve all been guilty of that or something close to it in our lives.

But still, lesson learned, kids. Don’t tailgate and work out at the same time!

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