Seahawks’ Russell Wilson responds to Aaron Rodgers’ God jab

Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers have had a running rivalry, as their two teams have been among the best in the NFC over the past few seasons. Green Bay narrowly lost to the Seahawks last season in the NFC Championship game, after which Wilson talked about God helping him and his team win the game. Rodgers said that “God was a Packers fan” after the Packers defeated Seattle on Sunday Night Football this past week.

Following that comment, there was no surprise that Wilson decided to reply to the comment that Rodgers made. He responded with a very strong comeback about remaining humble in defeat. Take a look at the entire message that Wilson sent to Rodgers.

That was a very strong reply by Wilson and has likely finished the friendly back-and-forth that the two quarterbacks have had. Rodgers still gets the last laugh for now, however, as his team is 2-0 following the victory while Seattle dropped to 0-2 on the season.

There wouldn’t be many football fans that would be upset with seeing these two teams face off again this year in another NFC Championship game. Obviously there is a rivalry between these two quarterbacks and the teams are very bitter enemies as well.

Green Bay and Seattle are definitely two of the best teams in the NFC again this year and are the favorites to win the conference. It wouldn’t be shocking to see them back in the championship game with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

That would be an electric and entertaining game to say the least, with both quarterbacks having a stage to go at each other on the field.

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