Video: West Virginia wide receiver trucks a cheerleader

The West Virginia Mountaineers are absolutely destroying the Maryland Terrapins this afternoon and are leading by a score of 28-0 at this point in time. Shelton Gibson scored the last touchdown on a huge passing play from quarterback Skyler Howard, but what happened after the touchdown was absolutely hilarious.

Gibson caught the passing running full speed and proceeded running out of the back of the end zone. He didn’t seem to notice the group of Maryland cheerleaders who were standing there and absolutely trucked one of them.

Take a look at the video of Gibson trucking the Terrapins’ cheerleader for yourself:

She appeared to be fine as she tried to pick herself up off the ground. Perhaps the more concerning thing is that Gibson didn’t seen to care that he had trucked her. Maybe he didn’t notice, or┬ámaybe he just felt that she was part of the enemy and didn’t care about it.

Either way, this was a hilarious video that diehard football fans must see and laugh about since no major injury occurred.

LSU pulls away late, beats Syracuse 34-24
LSU pulls away late, beats Syracuse 34-24