Man proposed with custom Monopoly board

Board games are a wonderful thing. With the right people and maybe a few drinks involved, they can make for an ideal weekend night in.

As Buzzfeed reported, however, one man in particular recently raised the board games bar when he used a custom Monopoly board to propose to his lady love.

Justin Lebon wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Michal Ott, in a unique fashion. Since both are “self-described homebodies” who love board games, he called a carpenter friend to help assemble the project. By customizing the property names to significant moments in the relationship to favorite vacation spots, Lebon truly made this game his own. Throw in usual Monopoly Money and vintage gold pawns, and the stage was set.

But how to actually propose? Why, taking a “Chance” and putting the question on a chance card, of course! That meant getting loaded dice so that Ott would land on that space first and take the card, the butterflies in the stomach mounting.

No matter how you feel about board games, marriage or creative proposals, this story should hit everyone right in the feels. These two are clearly crazy about each other, and there is no better way to celebrate their relationship than with an activity they both enjoy together.

Oh, and for the record, she said yes!

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