Science finds that there are zero long term negative effects from medical marijuana

In elementary school and jr. high we all learned that smoking marijuana was going to ruin our lives. If we started smoking, we would drop out of school, go to jail, lose all our friends and start talking like Ozzy Osbourne.


Well, it looks like that lesson plan needs to be revised because a recent study by McGill University found that when marijuana is used to treat chronic pain that there are actually no proven detrimental effects.

The conclusions of the study, published in the Journal of Pain state:

“In conclusion, this study suggests that the adverse effects of medical cannabis are modest and comparable quantitatively and qualitatively to prescription cannabinoids. The results suggest that cannabis at average doses of 2.5g/d in current cannabis users may be safe as part of carefully monitored pain management program when conventional treatments have been considered medically inappropriate or inadequate.”

Perhaps what’s most interesting about this this study is not that we can all smoke without feeling like we are about to ruin our lives, but that actually, using marijuana for medicinal reasons might help to reverse a rapidly growing pain killer addiction problem that seems to be a bigger problem in the United States than smoking a joint and getting the munchies.

In fact, according to Uproxx, prescriptions for painkillers increased by 172% from 1991 and 2003.

The hope is that increased use of marijuana as an alternative prescription treatment to pain killer pills will help to decrease the outstanding percentage of people taking dangerous and addictive drugs for pain management.

However, for many, the best news of this story comes in being able to tell your mom that she doesn’t have to worry about you getting high too much. Science says it’s fine!

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