Video: Insane ref pulls gun on coach during argument

Perhaps the craziest video footage of this past weekend came from Brazil. A video that captured a Brazilian referee at a soccer game pulling out a gun mid-match and arguing with players on the field obviously went viral.

Apparently, Gabriel Murta, a police officer when he isn’t reffing games, felt intimidated by players that were kicking and slapping him because of a red card that he had issued to one of the teams, so wanting to control the situation, he ran to the locker room to grab his gun.

The part that makes our jaws drop is the part where even though Murta, who is being restrained by a player, is the man who seems fearless in the face of a gun and continues to pursue an arguement with the ref.

You would think that bringing a gun on to the field and aiming it at a player might be a fireable offense, but actually, although Murta has been placed on leave and is ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation, he hasn’t officially been fired.

As it turns out, the league’s referee’s association head, Giuliano Bozzano, doesn’t want to “rush to judgement.”

Pending on the outcome of his psychological evaluation, Murta faces termination.

On the basis of that conversation and his account of events and the results of psychological assessment I’ll decide what, if any, measures to take,” said Bozzano.

There have been no reports as to whether this incident will have consequences for him as a police officer, but it’s probably a good idea to take away his fire arm privileges for now.

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