Drunk guy facing felony charges after stealing team’s mascot costume

Stealing a sports team’s mascot costume and cruising around town wearing it sounds like something out of an episode of Real World.

It doesn’t sound like something that would warrent two felony charges for breaking-and-entering and larceny.

Such is the case however for Joe Gillespie, the guy who drunkedly stole a Charlottle minor league baseball team’s mascot costume and wore it around town.

Gillespie reportedly detailed the debauchery that led to him stealing the Homer costume in an email to BroBible, in which he describes waking up on the stairs at Knight’s stadium, and seeing the opportunity to snag the mascot’s get-up as “an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

The office landed him in jail and faces serious charges. But it still remains to be seen if those charges stand, or get worked down to misdemeanors. Especially since Gillespie told Creatice Loafing Charlotte that the arresting officers even found the hijinx humorous:

“The female officer who arrested me said she thought it was a fake call when she was dispatched until she stepped on the porch and looked in the window and there was Homer’s head sitting on the couch.

They were out there taking pictures with it. They said they shouldn’t be laughing, but it was hard not to.”

(I recommend reading that whole interview. It’s an entertaining read.)

Gillespie is set to face a judge in November. There was reportedly a GoFundMe set up to help him, but has already been taken down by the site.

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