Hipsters ditch ‘Bar Crawl’ for ‘Juice Crawl’

Never mind the hang overs, day drinking, the rare $1.00 beer specials, the local drunks with their stories and the place where everyone knows your name, because Juice Crawls have taken over.

Originating in New York City, this hot new craze has encouraged people to become healthy and leave the booze on the shelf.

The basic premise is like a typical bar crawl — going from one bar to another, drinking alcohol, of course — except it involves drinking blended veggies and your choice of grass.

The price ranges from $15-$50 and you can get 25 different juices.

The crowd refers to the venue as “quiet clubbing,” as the scene is not a loud group of people.

This night time activity is also not  just for those night-owls anymore. There are day events like doing yoga and juicing, then nature walks and juicing, essentially you’re juicing all day.

In fact people are even pre-gaming with kale.

Overall, having a boost of energy has become more thrilling then drinking your sorrows away.

So is this a rabbit trend or will it hop to the rest of the country?

[H/T: Bro Bible]

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*Picture from www.simpledish.com

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