Ref takes epic shot to the nuts at kids soccer game

Being a referee is a thankless job, especially for children’s games. Parents yell at you for “wrong” calls, coaches scream at your for apparently not calling a fair game, the list goes on.

Or, if you’re this poor fella, some kid guns a soccer ball without looking at which direction it will head, leaving you on the ground because a ball nailed you in the family jewels.

A couple of lessons here, ladies and gentlemen. First off, if you’re ever called upon to referee children’s soccer, be sure to keep AWAY from the action and stay outside just a little bit so as to not end up in the ball’s path.

More importantly, just to be safe, ALWAYS wear a cup so as to avoid accidents like these, because some of these kids can kick HARD.

Anyway, does anybody have any ice for that poor man? Anyone? No? Oh boy…this could get uglier.

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