University of South Dakota forgets how to grammar

It’s not uncommon to see billboards for colleges plastered throughout various locales. What is uncommon, however, is a college billboard that has a spelling error.

The billboard, which you can see below, has a pretty big grammar error.

Before I explain what it is, go ahead and venture a guess to yourself.

If you couldn’t figure out the error, let me tell you. Not only is the apostrophe unnecessary, it’s completely wrong. The billboard should say “Best In The Dakotas” to signify that the school is the best among the two states, North Dakota and South Dakota.

After the blunder was pointed out, the university responded with a pretty terrible message.

“We all recognized here when we looked at it that the apostrophe was misplaced. … It was just an oversight that that’s the one that was grabbed and put up,” Tena Haraldson, the school’s — you see, proper apostrophe usage — director of marketing communications and media relations said. “It happens.”

You know what else “happens”, responsibilities for your actions. If any student made that mistake on a paper, they would get points deducted. I think it’s only fair if the school gives students some free food or something to atone for the mistake.

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