McDonald’s unveils a new look that’s very un-McDonald’s

Ever since “Super Size Me” came out all those years ago, confirming that McDonald’s was what was making us fat, not out lack of exercise or gluttonous ways, McDonald’s has undergone a major rebranding.

They’ve distanced themselves from being known as the place to find Ronald McDonald and tried to seem, hipper and healthier, adding salads and “healthy” options. Well we’re onto you McDonald’s!

Hoping to sucker customers into eating their food at times when they’re not drunk at 3 am, McDonald’s has unveiled at “McDonald’s Next” in Hong Kong. Their new-style restaurant is meant to compete against “higher end” joints like Five Guys, McDonald’s Next comes complete with a salad bar and is being dubbed the future of fast food – by McDonald’s.



Needless to say, barring a miracle don’t expect the Mickey D’s in the United States to adopt this anytime soon.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Instagram