Second credible source confirms Peyton Manning HGH rumors

Just when we thought that the saga of Peyton Manning and his alleged links to HGH use was over, it appears not. Per Deborah Davies, the Al Jazeera reporter who made the initial report last week, a second credible source who has remained anonymous confirmed that HGH was indeed shipped to Manning’s wife Ashley.

This is certainly a bit controversial, especially since the original source in former Guyer Institute intern Charlie Sly recanted his story not long after the story went public. However, Davies further explained herself when appearing on CNN.

“What you didn’t know until now, is that we had a second source, absolutely impeccably placed, knowledgeable and credible, who confirmed exactly what Charlie Sly said,” Davies said, via Deadspin. “Shipments of HGH were repeatedly, repeatedly sent to Ashley Manning in Florida and other places in the U.S.”

“As you know, there are different kinds of sources,” Davies said. “There are some you can name; there are some you can’t. This is a source we cannot name, we could not name. The value of that source was to add to the level of confidence we already had in what Charlie Sly was saying.”

Even though Davies sounds like she’s just trying to cover her own tail, there’s no denying that this adds to speculation surrounding Manning. After all, he came back from major neck surgery to have some of the best seasons of his career with the Denver Broncos and played particularly well for being in his mid-to-late thirties.

Manning also hasn’t looked particularly good this year, so could the lack of HGH in his system be a factor? There hasn’t been any further information regarding his alleged use and he has vehemently denied it, nor has he played in several weeks due to injury, but stay tuned to Campus Sports for further updates on this story!

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports