EA releases UFC 2 trailer

EA has released a trailer for their upcoming game: UFC 2.


At first glance it looks like a legitimate 10 out of 10. The detail is impeccable; from players abdominal, tattoos, to fans randomized reactions.

If you’re a UFC fan you’ve got to be excited to play this thing. Set it up with surround sound, turn off the lights, sip some brews, challenge a buddy and wager a few bets.

Watch as digital Ronda Rousey seeks revenge against Holly Holm.  Battle with Conor McGregor. Attempt a return with Jose Aldo.

EA is the kingdom upon a hill, a monster video game developing company. Unfortunately in the past , it’s felt like they’ve slacked off a bit. Left a few random glitches in their games that drives a game player bananas.

Hopefully, this trailer is true to the game playing experience. Because if it is, EA may finally have their chance at rivaling MLB the Show or NBA 2K–the two best sport games in the industry.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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