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iPhone 7 removing headphone jack?


Get ready to get angry as it appears that Apple is set to remove a standard feature of mobile devices from its next release.

According to multiple reports, the upcoming iPhone 7 from Apple will no longer have a standard headphone jack built in. The purpose of this removal is apparently so the company can make the phone even thinner than it already is because, apparently, that’s a necessity.

The next phone is expected to be nearly a full millimeter thinner than the current iPhone devices. There is also speculation that removing the headphone jack could just make way for a multi-purpose USB-C port that happens to a millimeter thinner than a 3.5mm audio jack.

Call me crazy, but I completely hate this idea. Doing this just so the phone can be thinner doesn’t make anything better. In fact, in my view, it does the exact opposite. A thinner phone likely means a less durable one as well as one more prone to bending. Is that what Apple really wants?

What about owners of the Apple-owned Beats Headphones? Removing the headphone jack could force users to other devices, like Android, unless they make an affordable adapter for standard headphones to work with the new device. Is that a risk the company is willing to take? I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

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