Updated Super Bowl 50 betting odds entering Wild Card weekend

December and January are prime seasons for betting on football, what with Bowl season and the NFL Playoffs. For example, this weekend’s opening Wild Card weekend in the NFL will see ten times more bets placed than the average regular season game.

Luckily we were able to catch up with RJ Bell of Pregame.com shared with us the six biggest trends in Vegas right now, along with his odds for the winner of the Super Bowl. Looks like Texans fans willing to put their money where their mouth is will be laughing all the way to the bank if things go their way.

Oh and make sure to send me a piece of your winnings, or a case of beer in the mail would suffice.

Six Biggest Vegas Trends (Playoffs Round One)

Bengals – Marvin Lewis 0-6 straight-up (0-6 ATS) career in the playoffs

Bengals playing in primetime: 6-15 ATS

Chiefs – Andy Reid has excelled on the road in his career: 88-55 ATS

Packers December or later: 28-15-2 ATS

Seahawks December or later: 23-7-1 ATS

Steelers 13-2 ATS at Cincinnati

Super Bowl Champion odds:

Arizona +450
New England +450
Carolina +500
Denver +600
Seattle +650
Pittsburgh 11/1
Kansas City 25/1
Cincinnati 25/1
Green Bay 35/1
Minnesota 35/1
Washington 58/1
Houston 90/1

Against The Spread results
(teams playing this weekend)

Minnesota 13-3 ATS
Cincinnati 12-3-1 ATS
Pittsburgh 8-5-3 ATS
Green Bay 9-7 ATS
Washington 9-7 ATS
Houston 9-7 ATS
Seattle 8-7-1 ATS
Kansas City 8-8 ATS

Good luck!

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