How to successfully flirt with women at the gym


The gym. Really the most primal scene within the urban landscape. Where men and women come to perfect their bodies in order to increase their desirability for the opposite sex.

For a guy, it’s great because you get to get your swoll on while in the presence of hot, fit women. Yet sometimes, actually approaching said women with romantic intentions can seem daunting and perplexing.

I too once thought this, especially since I’m not the most ripped, swoll , jacked or whatever adjective you want to use to describe an exquisite male specimen. Therefore I set out on a mission, to successfully snag a date with a girl I met at the gym. And god damn it; I came, I saw, I got shutdown, and got shut down again, but I did prevail – after much trial and error.

Therefore for your benefit, or maybe amusement, here is what I found to work. Plus a little more of what my eventual date told me other men have done that absolutely will not fly.

Feel out the vibe first

Worst way to start out is by making a B-line towards whatever woman you have your sights set on. Some men like to abide by the numbers game, and that may work, but in a brightly lit gym you may have a different end result than if you played that game at the bar. Namely you could be asked to leave due to harassment.

Try to ease into things, steal some looks, flash a smile and play it cool. Being aggressive and stalking her around the gym could get you a dumbbell to the groin.

Approach naturally, maybe you’ve been waiting for the squat rack she’s been using and use that to exchange first words. Plus women love a guy who actually works his legs and not just arms and chest.

Don’t interrupt her workout or correct her

Just because you’re in a gym, doesn’t mean that the same rules that apply in all other aspects of life don’t apply here. Women don’t like to be corrected, so don’t point out how she can engage her glutes better on the leg curl machine.

And just like you Brofessor X, when she’s trying to make those gainz and is in the fucking zone, don’t cut into her mirror space to introduce yourself. The only way to make it worse is to do so while correcting the way she’s doing bicep curls.

Hands off!

Us bros have not the slightest idea of what it’s like to be a woman, much less one that’s wearing skin tight clothes in a room filled with a bunch of testosterone fueled gorillas.

While we might welcome a woman touching our pumped up bi’s and tri’s, they do not like you touching theirs. They’re already on guard because they know everyone is staring at them and likely is much stronger, so by invading her space you’re likely to not produce your intended outcome.

Try to talk about something other than working out 

Women notice guys who stand out and are different. And chances are, 90% of the other dudes in your gym can have the same conversation about how to achieve maximum shreddedness. Probably with more insight even.

Same as you would at the bar, ask her about her interests. She’s at the gym so she’s likely an active gal, does she like to play sports? Oh really, she’s into volleyball? What a coincidence, so am I! Misty May Kerri Walsh yada yada yada. That’s easy right?

True, every dude has their own niche they’ve carved out that works for them. No shame in incorporating that, but save your self the embarrassment and hone your game. There’s a lot of mirrors in that gym, giving everyone a great view to watch you fail. So don’t!

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