NFL consensus wants Rams-Chargers merger and stadium in Inglewood

At this point in time, the majority of NFL leaders and officials, would like to see a Rams-Chargers merger in Inglewood, California. Not only would Los Angeles get pro football back, but get it in tandem–two teams in a similar rebuilding phase.

One owner goes as far as to call the Rams plans in Inglewood, “transformational.”

With that said, Chargers owner Dean Spanos is not impressed. He’s been pushing for a merger in Carson–more of a fair ground middle point for both franchises–and with the Raiders. But with the Rams purchasing power–owners of quite a bit of commercial real estate in and around Inglewood–owners and the league see the appropriate $$$ to make the move lasting and legitimate.

Currently, it’s all about money. If Spanos is going to consider sharing with the Rams in Inglewood, he wants a 50/50 split. Rams owner Kroenke has yet to oblige that offer. But with a league wide push, there is really very little Spanos can do.

If the Rams and Chargers do in fact merge, the Raiders are left with a myriad of options. They can temporarily return to Oakland, and from there, consider sharing a stadium with the 49ers in Santa Clara, or moving all together, to St. Louis or San Diego.

A 3/4 vote among owners would be needed for any of the relocations to occur.

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