Alex Rodriguez works in an office, proving he is a human

Did you ever wonder what the real Alex Rodriguez is like? Maybe he’s at a new version of Biogenesis, maybe he burns $100 bills instead of firewood, maybe he has a closet of A-Rod bots that go out and do his bidding all over the world. All are reasonable questions I have asked myself.

But now, thanks to Twitter, we wonder no longer.

It turns out Alex Rodriguez spends his days in an office, just like you and me, and goes through emails (90 percent of which I’m sure is hate mail).

Just another day at ARod Corp – signing baseballs for fans and managing my inbox #OfficeLife

— Alex Rodriguez (@AROD) January 13, 2016

And to prove A-Rod is just like us, you know an average guy that works at a company named after himself where his day consists of signing baseballs and trying to look busy – the latter of which I can relate to. A-Rod puts in the hashtag #officelife, because he understands us.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports