Video: Pro wrestler uses hoverboard to pull off amazing move

It’s no secret that the most recent trend to take the country by storm are the hoverboard things that everyone seems to be replacing with cars. Some people are just naturals at those things, which is evidenced by a toddler being able to use one before it can even walk well.

Usually, when you see a video about these things, someone is either busting their ass on one *cough* Mike Tyson *cough* or one is bursting into flames. However, professional wrestler Connor Braxton used one to do something very cool.

The Giant Swing is one of the most classic wrestling moves that is exactly what it sounds like. You grab somebody by the legs and show off your pure strength by swinging them around.

WWE superstar Cesaro has brought it back into popularity by having the crowd count along with him as he swings opponents, from little people to super heavyweights, in a circle. It essentially does nothing but make both parties involved dizzy, but it’s still awesome to see.

Braxton took it one step further and you just have to see it to believe it. Warning, there is some inappropriate language in the video.

That is just pure, brute strength. Some people say that professional wrestling has gotten stale and boring, but when guys are doing things like this, how can you not enjoy yourself at a show?

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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