iTunes Radio to no longer be free

For fans of Apple’s iTunes Radio, you better get your free music listening fill in as much as possible.

According to reports, iTunes Radio will no longer be free for users by the end of the month. Instead, it’s going to be packaged inside the Apple Music service, which costs users $10 per month.

This change is going into effect starting January 29.

Instead of iTunes Radio, Apple is going to be pointing users to the Beats 1 service as the company’s free music offering. Beats 1 is an Apple-curated live 24/7 radio station. iTunes Radio was Apple’s answer to Pandora, and was ad-supported to allow users to create custom stations. Beats 1 doesn’t allow custom stations for the listener.

It’s a bummer for fans of the service that launched last year. However, those still wanting these features can just go to Pandora or even Spotify to get their music fix the way they have become accustomed to.

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