Colin Cowherd compares Cam Newton to Donald Trump

Colin Cowherd is known for saying some outlandish things, and the latest one is that he compared Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Now, before we go racing to put Cowherd’s head on a spike, hear the man out. In a video from Cowherd’s show posted to Breitbart, he further elaborated.

“Just like Donald Trump turns me off because he’s not presidential, we should create a new word called being ‘quarterback-ial.’ The number one seller of jerseys is black quarterback Russell Wilson. It ain’t a black thing. We like our quarterbacks to be presidential. If it was a race thing, Russell Wilson is at the top of the charts. Here’s the quarterbacks who have kind of been polarizing the last five years: Johnny Manziel, [Colin] Kaepernick, Cam. It is a kiss a bicep, money sign, dab thing. We, I, like our presidents to be presidential. We’re use to our quarterbacks being ‘quarterback-ial.’ Humble, somebody else won. Tom Brady just wrote a letter to fans apologizing for a loss. That sits well with fans. We feel your pain.”

Now, while Newton is not an aspiring politician nor a reactionary and idiotic racist, it’s easy to see why fans would dislike him. Just how people dislike Trump for being brash, loud and obnoxious, fans feel the same about Newton and his exuberant touchdown celebrations, dabbing and all. Taking race out of the equation, there are just some people who like their pro athletes humble.

But Newton’s recent comments about people probably not liking him because of his race are only stirring the pot further and even when one steps back from that, people who don’t like him seem to have a very intense dislike. That said, though it’s certainly not an ideal comparison on Cowherd’s part, such dislike is certainly comparable to Trump’s critics.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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