Louisiana Governor threatens end of college football if state taxes aren’t raised

It looks like the state of Louisiana is in a pretty dire situation economically. The state just elected John Bel Edwards as its new governor and he is already going to great lengths to help their state, which he says is in “a historic fiscal crisis.”

He addressed the state Thursday night to explain a few things about the economy. He said that the state must raise taxes to help alleviate the situation they are in and even poses the threat of college students not being able to finish their classes.

He goes on to say that many student-athletes would be declared ineligible, thus bringing an end to college football in the state.

Now, this may just be a scare tactic to get citizens to approve the raise on state taxes, but if Louisiana is in that bad of a situation, then maybe it would be for the best. I don’t know how LSU, Louisana Tech, Tulane, or any of the other schools in the state feel, but I am sure they would much rather pay more taxes than have to eliminate football in 2016.

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