Think Oregon has a lot of equipment? They have more than you could imagine

Every time you turn around it seems, the Oregon football team is sporting a new set of equipment, uniforms, facilities, you name it.

They are after all dubbed “Nike University” as Swooshman Phil Knight is more than elated to let his alma mater try out Nike’s newest products before the rest of the world. And you probably think they simply use the Nike factory as their equipment room, which may be fairly accurate.

n a piece entitled “The Man Behind The Scenes in Oregon,” Joel Gunderson tells the story of Kenny Farr, Oregon’s Football Equipment Administrator. Farr’s in charge of everything the Ducks wear out on the field, and as this paragraph tells you, they wear a lot of stuff.

Kenny’s inventory — which is just football, remember — would be enough to outfit entire conferences: 1,500 helmets; 3,000 face masks; 2,000 jerseys; 1,500 pairs of football cleats. And that doesn’t even factor in all of the obsolete products, rotated continually each year. These numbers are rattled off in a dizzying display of pride. But nothing, Farr says, would be possible without his staff.

1,500 pairs of cleats? That’s about 100 pairs per player depending on the year, makes you wonder how Nike operates with any profit at all. Oh yeah, that’s right, they charge $200 a pair.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA Today Sports


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