James Jones proposed to wife at Red Lobster

Green Bay Packers receiver James Jones revealed an interesting detail about his engagement to wife, Tamika, in an appearance on Highly Questionable. First, Jones discussed his opinions against homelessness and his desire to help kids in shelters on the show. Jones has been a driving force behind eliminating homelessness, especially among youth.

After addressing the more serious issues, Jones told the story of his proposal at the popular restaurant chain, Red Lobster.

“My wife is a big big fan of Red Lobster so she, probably like us all, she loves the bread there, loves the biscuits so I went a day before, gave them the whole setup of how I wanted it. I put the box, the ring in the breads so when they brought the bread out, she took her gum out of her mouth and was ready to eat all seven biscuits that was in the basket and she opened it up and the ring was there and I was already on my knee.”

First the seafood restaurant got credits from Beyonce and now Jones.

It’s safe to say that the chain might experience a spike in business in the near future.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA Today Sports

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NBA Trade Deadline Tracker 2016