Video: Raccoon invades Yankees’ spring training

The New York Yankees are one of the most polarizing professional sports teams in the country. You either love them or you despise them and it looks like they have gained themselves a few new fans.

The last few years, the Yankees have had to contend with raccoons invading their spring training camp. On Sunday, the furry creatures were at it again when one of the pesky critters was climbing up the net behind home plate.

The team wanted to get it out of the stadium, so they attempted to do that. It was knocked off the net as it took a pretty scary fall, but it was luckily okay.

This isn’t the first time the animals have made a stop at Steinbrenner Field. Last year, one stopped by to catch some spring training action.

You can’t really blame the little critters for wanting to watch some baseball. It is America’s pasttime.

We can only hope that this raccoon is the same one from last year. Talk about persistence.

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