Jalen Rose on Carmelo Anthony: “If I’m James Dolan, I don’t want him on my team”

Safe to say that Carmelo Anthony was not expecting to be in this situation when he signed a new max deal with the Knicks a few years ago. After signing his new $125 million contract, ‘Melo has not even been in contention for a playoff spot past the second day of the season, and right now he seems lost, a shell of the player he once was.

This week he was heckled by a fan, apologized, then said it was owner James Dolan’s idea to do so and admitted he was jealous of his championship peers. ESPN’s Jalen Rose, a former Knick himself, came out and said he had enough saying that if he was James Dolan, he’d be looking to trade Melo.

“If I’m James Dolan, I don’t want him on my team anymore. I just paid Phil $65 million to build me a roster that can compete in the Eastern conference. $25 million for Derek Fisher, who was recently fired. $125 million for Carmelo Anthony, who I had to mortgage a lot of my future assets … to even make the deal happen. I would not appreciate that one of my players basically himself distanced himself from me to my face, in my arena, during my game for which the roster I am paying has lost 15 of its last 18 games.”

Rose went on to say that he predicts Carmelo will be traded this summer.

Jalen Rose on Carmelo Anthony: 'If I'm James Dolan, I don't want him on my team'

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