Introducing the 2016 Minnesota All Hockey Hair Team

The Minnesota state boys high school hockey tournament is an all-state event. Nicknamed “The Tourney,” the state championship weekend draws crowds upwards of 50,000 that rival professional hockey. Minnesota is nicknamed the “State of Hockey,” and their love for a high school tournament proves that.

Minnesotans take their hockey seriously and with The Tourney comes the All Hockey Hair Team. A highly coveted award, granted to only those most deserving. Many have said that the only thing better than winning the tournament is being named to the All Hockey Hair Team. In recent years, the tradition of naming a roster of the players with the best hair in the tournament has gotten national attention.

This year’s team video is one of the best in history, including current New York Islander and All-Hockey Hair Team alumnus, Matt Martin.

If you need it, here’s a brief overview of the legendary concept. Preceding each game, individual players are introduced and given a close-up as they skate to the blue line. Hockey players, historically, are known for their flowing locks (have you seen Jagr’s mullet?) and this prime shot of camera time is the best opportunity to show off what they’ve been working on all season, lettuce-wise.

This year’s winners featured multiple nods to the Burnsville team who came out in full-force with a killer four-man beard-mullet-ginger-afro lineup that made history. You can watch the whole roster video, here.

Winners of the coveted-spot receive a custom comb and an exclusively designed hat that reps their place in history in the hockey hair team along with the immortality that comes with recognition.

Minnesotans all around the “Land of 10,000 Locks,” look forward to this video year after year. It’s become a staple of the state along with Prince and the State Fair and is sure to go down in history, paralleled with MVP and Hall of Fame honors.

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Roddy White rips Kyle Shanahan
Roddy White rips Kyle Shanahan