Michael Phelps speaks out about alcohol addiction and personal life

Michael Phelps is one of the most well-known athletes in the world. He is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals in three Olympic appearances. However, not much is known about Michael Phelps the person, despite everything known about Michael Phelps the swimmer.

Phelps is in the midst of a nation-wide tour where he has recently spoken about his little-known personal life, including his dealings with alcohol addiction. Phelps has been arrested twice for drinking while under the influence and spent 45 days in an inpatient facility in Arizona. He spoke about being sober since his 2014 arrest.

“I see a complete change in my body,” he said. “I have a completely clear head. I don’t have a headache, which is awesome. I’m actually happy every day. I’m able to be productive every day.”

Phelps also spoke about his mental state before the 2012 London Olympics. “I wanted nothing to do with the sport,” he said. “I was finished. Ready to move on and retire. I didn’t want to train anymore.”

He revealed that he trained very little for the 2012 games and was not motivated.

Phelps is currently engaged to model, Nicole Johnson, and the two are expecting a baby boy. In his interviews Phelps talked about rebuilding a broken relationship with his own father, a topic very rarely spoken about by Phelps.

The openness shown by Phelps took many by surprise, he is generally described as “solitary.”

However, this new side of Phelps implicates progress in his road to recovery.

He would not say if he is going to compete in the Olympic trials in June. Nevertheless, Phelps will go down in history as an incredible athlete and an amazing man.

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