AAC comish Mike Aresco wants Big 12 expansion decision soon

AAC commissioner Mike Aresco is ready for talk of potential Big 12 expansion to die down. Aresco isn’t necessarily upset that there has been talk about the possibility, but he is tired of the drama.

Aresco has to prepare for the potential that one of the teams from his conference could bolt for the Power 5, but while that is an unfortunate situation, he understands and is just hoping for resolution.

“I think if we lose a school would we add one? In all likelihood we probably would,”Aresco explained, according to The Orlando Sentinel. “You don’t want to be 11 in football, but on the other hand you could do it. If we lost two, which would probably be the worst-case scenario … we could stay at 10. With the new legislation, we could easily stay at 10, play a championship game, have 5 team divisions and have an eight-game [conference] schedule. We could do that if we wanted to.”

Previously, a conference would need 12 members for a conference championship game. There are new rules that allow a championship even without a dozen members as Mike Aresco pointed out, but it makes things more complicated.

“I would like to see it settle down,” Aresco said. “There has been instability because of this whole Big 12 thing for the last few years. It’s not good for the schools. It’s not good for the fan bases. It puts pressure on our administrators and our coaches because they have to get asked this question.”

So, for the sake of the AAC and commissioner Mike Aresco’s sanity: Big 12, will you please make up your mind?

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports