NBA Mock Draft 2016: NCAA Tournament Kickoff

The 2016 NCAA Tournament is upon us, which means it’s time for another NBA Mock Draft. This year’s class isn’t as deep as 2015’s, but is still remarkable in the depth it has at certain positions and the talent that exists there.

But more importantly, the ever-changing NBA landscape is what makes this year’s draft incredibly difficult to analyze. Just how college basketball had ridiculous parity this season, matching the Class of 2016 to various NBA teams, some of which have multiple first-round selections, is an absolute doozy.

Does a team draft for need or for depth? Do they trade up or down? Do they reach with a player or just take the best available without much of a plan? It’s a science, some would argue, but one that is incredibly difficult to master.

That said, on the first day of the First Four, let’s dig deeper and see just who goes where in the NBA Draft at this point in the race.

NCAA Tournament 2016: Kansas, Michigan State odds-on favorites