Top 5 underrated Wrestlemania matches

It’s Wrestlemania Day! That means that in just a few short hours, we’ll have the show that every pro wrestling fans looks forward to every year and though booking this year’s events have been something of a nightmare (thanks, shoulder injuries), I’m still cautiously optimistic heading into the evening.

And this year’s matches, though not the fanciest on paper, have loads of potential. Most fans are going into tonight with low expectations, so odds are greater than none that some matches will be the topic of conversation but still fall through the cracks.

That’s because with us coming up on the 32nd ever Wrestlemania, it’s only natural that we’d mostly just remember the main events, the horrifically bad matches or ones that made our eyes pop out of our heads. My question is the following: what about the midcard bouts that got the job done, but were forced out of the spotlight by matches for the big belt?

That said, let’s take a look through history and count down five Wrestlemania matches that should get a lot more respect, but don’t.

Scottie Pippen says ’96 Bulls would sweep Warriors
Scottie Pippen says ’96 Bulls would sweep Warriors