Paul Finebaum compares Jim Harbaugh to Donald Trump

SEC analyst and fan extraordinaire Paul Finebaum is not a fan of the Big Ten, which means he probably doesn’t have many nice things to say about Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

Sure enough, after Harbaugh was back in the news last week after ripping the banning of satellite camps, calling out the SEC, ACC and other conferences for voting in favor of the ban. Sure enough, Finebaum is just annoyed with Harbaugh but may have gone too far when he compared the man to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on his show yesterday.

“So once again, Jim Harbaugh has hijacked college football, “Finebaum said following his comparison. “I think he has been an entertaining entrant to college football since he arrived in Michigan a year and a half ago. Entertaining. That was then. I find him growingly and increasingly annoying now. Jim Harbaugh is all about Jim Harbaugh, and that’s fine, but I think it’s finally caught up to him, and I think he has gone from the most entertaining person in college football to the most annoying. And I for one am really getting sick of him.”

Granted, Finebaum did praise Harbaugh’s unique recruiting practices, but the fact remains that he took an already polarizing figure in the football world and compared him to, quite possibly, the most polarizing figure in the world today. People seem to really like Trump or absolutely despise him.

Thus, consider this, football fans. Though you and Paul Finebaum may not like Jim Harbaugh, at least he doesn’t say some things that are so outlandish that they make one fear for the future of the free world.

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