UGA sports medicine director says cheerleaders had more concussions than football players

Many associate contact sports like football with concussions, after all, contact sports typically result in a high amount of injuries. We do not typically think of minimal contact sports as anything that could result in a concussion.

A study was recently carried out by the Knight Commission forum on Intercollegiate Athletics, in which former United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan asked panelists which college sports concerned them the most in the area of concussions and injuries.

A recent statement from UGA sports medicine director Ron Courson claims that the seemingly safe sport of cheerleading has actually resulted in more concussions than contact sports have.

“Over the last four years, we’ve had more concussions in cheerleading than we have in football and soccer,” Courson claimed.

UGA was not the only school to have a higher number of concussions in sports that would typically not be perceived as violent. Princeton also revealed that football was not their number one source of concussions, and stated that wrestling was the highest.

Panelists are currently looking into more ways to make sports safer and minimize the risk of concussions.

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