ESPN developing ’30 For 30′ for the XFL

There have been many attempts for teams to try and compete with the NFL when it comes to America’s most popular sport. From the USFL to the Arena Football League, many have tried and haven’t had a lot of success, but none failed as epically as the XFL.

This league was founded by WWE chairman Vince McMahon in 1999 in an attempt to take over another popular area of sports entertainment. It fielded its only season in 2001 before flopping.

It looks like now, however, the XFL will get one final run on television as ESPN is producing a “30 For 30” special on their network.

ESPN broadcaster Jonathan Coachman, who previously worked as an on-air personality for WWE, joined former WWE play-by-play commentator Jim Ross’s podcast “The Ross Report.” He made the announcement that the special would air on ESPN sometime in the near future.

“They’re going to be doing a ’30 For 30′ on the XFL,” Coachman said. “I recently sat down for an in-depth interview for this 30 For 30 at ESPN and got to relive some of those moments, some of those nights that we had.”

Coachman recanted some of those experiences with Ross, saying that it was pretty unique working with that in between Raw and Smackdown.

“The XFL was something that we will always have,” Coachman continued, “and nobody will understand what that experience was like in our foray into football on the weekends, and still doing Raw and Smackdown on Mondays and Tuesdays.”

There has been no release date given for the special, but it should be one of the more popular specials among professional wrestling fans.

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