Video: Scary Formula 3 crash sends car airborne

There was a pretty horrifying accident at this weekend’s Formula 3 race at Red Bill Ring in Austria. One car was sent careening into the air after smashing into the back of another through a cloud of dust during the race.

Racer Ryan Tveter had spun out in the gravel infield of the track when Zhi Chong Li, who was likely blinded by the dust kicked up from Tveter’s car, rear-ended him and saw his car go flying into the air.

The race was suspended immediately and Tveter was seen hobbling off in obvious pain. Both Tveter and Chong Li were transported to the hospital and treated for their injuries.

The Mirror reported: ““A statement from the FIA revealed Li and Tveter were both transferred to the medical centre for treatment, before making their way to hospital in a helicopter and ambulance respectively.

“Li has been sent to hospital in Graz where he will be assessed for possible head and back injuries.”

This just goes to show that Formula 3 or any kind of racing can be one of the more dangerous events. Campus Sports would like to wish both racers involved in the crash a full and speedy recovery.

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