Mike Leach thinks officials should have to talk to media

Washington State head coach Mike Leach isn’t afraid to speak his mind, whether it be about his players or opposing teams. Now, he is trying to change up the way referees are seen in the game of football.

Leach joined The Oregonian‘s John Canzano’s radio show and spoke about the upcoming season and they got on the topic of referees. Leach suggested something radical by saying he believed officials should have to speak to the media, especially following games with controversial endings.

What’s difficult about it is nobody talks about it. That’s not workable,” Leach said. “It’s like anytime you’re not honest with somebody about something it becomes difficult… .. as soon as the game’s concluded, the referee should be the first guy in the press conference. And he should take any questions that the media wants to ask about officiating. Games aren’t going to be called perfectly. Some are going to be well called games but not perfectly…. then it takes it off the coaches.

“We’re not allowed to talk about it unless we want to get fined and I’ve done it both ways. They’re going to ask because they want to know and on a certain level they have a right to have some dialogue about it, but not with the coach… right now we don’t have any system like that. If the coach has to talk about the game, I don’t know why the referee wouldn’t.”

There have been some pretty controversial endings to sporting events in years passed. But, usually, a spokesperson for the officials’ organization will have to speak up instead of the actual officials talking to the media.

So, maybe there is some merit behind Mike Leach’s suggestion. It is a pretty far-fetched idea, but I am sure many fans would love to hear the referees try to explain themselves sometimes.

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