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Aaron Rodgers has best round of golf against President Obama


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been in some pretty nerve-wracking moments, including a Super Bowl a few years ago, throughout his career. However, he was probably never more nervous than when he played a round of golf with President Barack Obama this past weekend.

He joined former teammate A.J. Hawk’s podcast over the weekend and revealed that he impressed the president. He shot a life-best 75 in his round with President Obama.

He then went on to talk with ESPN’s Jason Wilde and said that he was in a pretty anxious state when he took to the course for his day of golf.

That gets me 10 times more nervous than the first snap in a game or a snap in the fourth quarter when you’ve got to make a play,” Rodgers said. “I’m worried about hitting people, I’m worried about whiffing, I’m worried about looking terrible out there.

“I want to play well out there and obviously you walk on the first tee with the leader of the free world – who’s competitive – (and) I didn’t want to go out there and embarrass myself. Luckily I put together a decent round and made some putts. But I was very nervous at the first tee.”

Even Aaron Rodgers knows it is best not to anger the most powerful person in the world. While he didn’t say what Obama shot, he did say he gave him a few “gimme” putts.

“As many as I could,” he said. “‘That’s good, Mr. President.'”

Smart man that Aaron Rodgers is.

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  1. Talk about unpaid Bennie’s! Rodger comes through with a 75? Woou! He could almost retire to the circuit and cut off another field goals worth of strokes to make some spending money, fly in and out of LA with his model lover girl. That’s living a full life, with only one thing missing,the $350,999.99 car and his own jet. Give him some time, he’ll find a connection through his new wife after Green Bay, and go to HollyWoodie to make a movie or similar “non-working” type job” that he’ll need the way[ linemen go out on IR in my town- Green Bay. He’s not alive, it’s all one big sweet-dream.

    Things look bright for the next couple rings to add to his collection. If he only could get that team to play at his caliber, and guess what?? They can without too many sitting out at the nurses office, for so long, so often. Stay on top Stud, and rock in February, and on and on…


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